I am a biophysicist in the Gettysburg College Physics Department interested in the electrostatic properties of biological molecules. In particular, I am interested in how life uses electrostatics to manipulate the compaction and transcription of DNA in our bodies. My current research investigates the self-attraction of DNA as well as the aggregation of DNA-protein complexes known as nucleosomes.

When I am not doing research, I teach a variety of classes. I am interested in teaching physics to people of all levels, from elementary school students to advanced undergraduates and beyond. I am particularly interested in using novel, research-informed pedagogy to increase students’ understanding of physics. Finally, I am committed to rethinking the physics classroom to make it more equitable and inclusive of all students regardless of background.

When I am not teaching or researching, I like to read, play piano, spend time with my family, watch British mysteries, and mix cocktails.

Kurt Andresen’s CV

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